✨Life Update✨

Heyo guys!! I’m SO HAPPY to be back from my break!!!! I thought I’d just update y’all on the stuff I’ve been up to.

*tries to remember everything that’s happened*


A few weeks ago, we had a GIANT snowstorm!! It was the day after my team’s playoff game, which we lost due to that fact that half our team was gone. We actually thought they’d cancel the game, it was so bad. And…I…may or may not have been hoping they WOULD cancel so that it would be rescheduled and more of my team would be there.

Unfortunately, games are NEVER cancelled when you want them to be, and when they ARE cancelled, its no fun. Life, I guess. And yeah, I also know hockey players should NEVER want their games to be cancelled, but in my defense…I wasn’t interested in getting clobbered.

And we were clobbered.

And I just wandered off the subject, didn’t I?

Anyways…I went to bed…and woke up to the most snow I had seen in YEARS!

Which meant that we had ALOT of shoveling to do.

Well, we didn’t shovel the roof like that dude. Honestly though, WHY is he shoveling the roof?
*takes moment to consider this*

I got away with not doing much shoveling…I had a bit of a sore throat. So I stayed inside for a bit and made some delicious hot chocolate! ☕️ (That emoji is coffee…but let’s just pretend it’s hot chocolate okay) 😂

It was quite delicious.

Team Party

Allow me to clarify. It was supposed to be a team party…but only four of us showed up. It was a TON of fun though!! We went to this awesome place called Boondocks, where they have Go-carts, Laser Tag, Bowling, Arcade Mini Golf…tons of stuff.

We messed around and ate tons of pizza…so much pizza in fact, that I stated that I didn’t want to eat any for like, a mouth. And you know what? I ATE THE LEFTOVERS THE NEXT DAY!

*moving on*

One of my teammates and I played bowling with our little brothers. And they whipped us. We couldn’t even get the balls down the middle! We got totally smoked. By our little brothers. No, it was not very fun at all. When the game was over, this little thing came up that said I had ‘contributed least to the game.’

As if they needed to run it in.

My other teammate and I played around in the Mini Golf for awhile. Well…we didn’t exactly play GOLF necessarily. Instead, we may or may not have climbed around the rocks behind the ropes that we technically weren’t supposed to cross…

Remember the elevator story in one of my last posts? Well, same teammate. We tend to get into trouble. Sometimes. Most of the time. All the time. *hehe*

Random Selfie Shoot!

It was just a beautiful day, and I was like ‘NEED SELFIES!!’ So here they are! Cuz why not? 🙂

My favorite is the one with my hair flying in my face. To be honest, that one is legit my favorite selfie of all time right now. 😎

Hockey Picturesssss!

Yep. I got my official hockey picture! Its…not that great. BUT I also have some ACTION shots which I LOVE!! Here they are. 🙂


I love these ones WAYYYY better!


We had a very wonderful Easter! It was super quiet, just me and my family. We made a bunch of delicious food, and I made….an EPIC Easter cake! Like, one of the ones with fondant and decorations…it took me almost all day on Saturday…but it was worth it! I LOVE baking, especially cakes, sooo much! I even did an apprenticeship at a bakery a few summers ago and I loved it! I’m considering working in a bakery…or even having my own one day.

Anyway…here is the cake!

I am quite proud of it…since it was my first time attempting a cake like that on my own.

Here are some of the other things we made.

And that is just about it! Gosh, I need to do ✨Life Updates✨ more often!

See ya in my next post!


How have you been? How was your Easter? Do you like hockey? 😎 SHOULD I DO MORE HOCKEY POSTS? *I think so*

27 thoughts on “✨Life Update✨”

  1. Wow, that cake looks DELICIOUS!!!!! 😍😋 I’ve been doing awesome! Busy with school and that stuff (and wondering why my teachers aren’t giving me a spring break 🤔) I don’t know a lot about hockey, but I’d still be totally down for more hockey posts!!!!! (Also the part with the shoveling snow off the roof was HILARIOUS! 🤣🤣 LOVED IT! 😆)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!!! It was a very yummy cake. 😎 Ooh, good to hear! You aren’t giving you spring break?😮
      YESS I shall be making new hockey posts VERY soon! Yeah, not alot of people know much about ice hockey!
      LOL that was funny…I mean…HES SHOVELING THE ROOF


  2. Ooh, yummy cake! And wow, that’s a lot of snow!!! For us, we didn’t get as much snow this year but holy cow, that looks like a lot of fun! Yes, more hockey posts!! I love reading life updates!

    Liked by 1 person

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